Chapter Programs

Popcorn Club

For more than 5 years, Popcorn Club volunteers, at William Beanes Elementary School in Suitland, Maryland, have helped improve reading scores through fostering a love of reading among the students who participated. This was done, not only with books, but with other connected activities that opened up the world around them. With more resources, the Popcorn Club can reach more students in this way. Reaching more students will promote lessening, and even overcoming, the reading gap. This will require more help — whether financially, as a volunteer, or in other ways. 

Sarah Wise Wooten Young Ladies Academy

SWWYLA’s mission is to cultivate young ladies, middle school aged, in Prince George’s County by involving them in substantive activities that encourage positive self-imaging, develop leadership skills and promote positive community involvement; thus producing high achieving, socially productive and responsible future leaders. Young ladies in the academy receive direct mentorship from successful women in the community through hands-on mentoring, personal development, educational workshops, educational field experiences, and community service that encourage healthy living and productive lifestyles.

The Institute for the Growth and Development for All America’s Youth

The Institute for the Growth and Development of All America’s Youth (GADAAY) is a youth enrichment program designed to motivate, engage and assist high school students in reaching their maximum potential. Throughout the year, Prince George’s County High School Students will focus on academic enrichment and life skills training to support their journey through college or to vocational employment. The goal of Institute GADAAY is to (1) promote the personal, social, cultural growth and development of young people, (2) empower them to build self-esteem, self-confidence, improve academically and (3) develop skills and abilities that will enable them to thrive and be successful in life.

Parents on Track

The Parents on Track initiative supports the Ivy League activities for youth by providing workshops targeted at parents. The workshops are intended to empower parents with the tools, resources and confidence to support their children and help them to progress through life successfully. 


Charities has awarded approximately $600,000 in scholarships for high school students since the inception of the ICC Scholars Program thanks to the generosity of our community partners and members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Iota Gamma Omega Chapter. Charities exceeded its scholarship goal for the 2021 scholarship season and will be awarding more than $52,000 in scholarships consisting of: ICC Scholars Signature Scholarships, ICC Endowed Scholarships, Memorial Scholarships, Reach Back Alumni Awards, Councilmanic District Scholarships, Community Partner Scholarships and Target Specialty Awards.

Sunshine Club

In our commitment to our community, our sunshine club supports the residents at the Forestville Healthcare Center. 

Shoe Bank

Our shoe bank continues to partner with department stores such as JC Penney to provide shoes for our students enrolled in our Title I schools. 

For more information about these programs, please contact us.